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This here is the blog of ur local Witch, Bogbert || I Make art and dance naked in the Bog to communicate with ~THE DARK LORD~ || 19 || I'm a Big Bitch and no one can stop me || Nonbinary ||

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Back Alley Proudfoots

3 Views of a Sunset (2020)

photos from an old shoot (2019)

Photos of a Friend from the archive


I went on a bus ride yesterday

Doing some sketches and character design work for a fresh thing. Hopefully ill be done the test for it very soon!

Something from winter

drew Catra in her awesome outfit from the dream sequence B)

bro i loved that fucking jacket

Im working on a big catra illustration right now but in the meantime i doodled her in my sketchbook!

The end of shera was so fucking good

Today's Thing! I sketched this like right before the quarantine started and its sadly still appropriate and relevant to post

Drew some Night In the Woods Fanart because i am now once again free from the schoolz

I feel like I talk about the fact that im doing animation alot but never show any of it so here is a piece that I recently finished for class. The sound was given to us so I had to work with what i got which happened to be a baby crying

went for a hike in the woods today and brought back these two pictures