If I were to be judged on some sort of scale I guess I would say that my value as a human being is at least equal or lesser to the value of say... Adam Sandler. Which is to say that I have no value at all

I'm Waterfall's resident BogWitch! If you're a friend you can call me Bog c^; short for BogBert. I Used to be a Sheriff BUT IM TOO OLD FOR THAT *STUFF**.* I'm an visual arts student in my second year and I also play a bunch of instruments. I'd say that you could expect quality content from me but im sure that, in general, none of it will make sense and most of it will be complete ghiberish.

Expect lots of Art and memes. Probably lots of horseshit from the mind too

If you want to chat hit me up in those asks or on my discord! I'm always up for talking about coding, art, memes, music, animation, and other shits. My discord is BogButchthesheriff#5860

Hug Varmints and do witchcraft, good fellows!!