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So we have this in the States. I think it's hilarious

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a doodle on my new tablet

ravioli -

I swear to the heavens one more minor inconvenience and I'm walking directly into the forest and not coming out

Coffee Outside

Waiting for someone?
Or maybe on break!

I rarely do more than sketches of my own OCs, so I wanted to treat myself a lil bit!

I love this man with all my heart.

megafauna -

yall ever try that weird practice of drawing the same character the same way twice? that sounds wild

star-rice -

aren't you supposed to draw the character enough times that drawing a character the same way twice just sort of happens passively?

megafauna -

draw? draw?? I'm supposed to draw first, have skill later?? sounds like the setup to a microtransaction scheme. the absolute nerve of that

A friend In the Park

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Some landscape studies I found from way back. Hoping to do more in the future!

My hair was green when I made this

I was overwhelmed by the news this morning. I am coming here for solace

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I think I went a bit too far with experimenting with filters and brushes, but I like the result, TBH. IDK, does it still count as blue hair?

You arent a photographer until youve taken at least 1 photo of Junk

Noen outfits!! Gotta work on the patterns/embroidery but at least I have the shapes/colours right. Now maybe I can actually start working on making Fallsong happen